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Scheepjes CAL 2018 UBUNTU


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Small Kit in Cotton 839.00 €
Medium Kit in Stone Washed108.50 €
Large Kit in Stone Washed XL210.00 €

Ubuntu - The belief that we are defined by our compassion and kindness towards others.

This is the official Scheepjes CAL for 2018, designed by the very talented Dedri Uys of Lookwhatimade -blog. This is her first new CAL since the hugely popular Sophie`s Universe.

What you need to know?


There are 3 kits making a hexagonal blanket:

Small kit: 120 cm x 104 cm in Cotton 8 yarn. Price 39,00 eur.

Medium Kit: 151 cm x 131 cm in Stone Washed. Price 108,50 eur.

Large Kit: 192 cm x 167 cm in Stone Washed XL. Price 210,00 eur.

All Kits contain an official Ubuntu CAL leatherette label and button, and a set of vintage stitch markers.

The large and medium kit also contain a beading loom and everythin you need to make a friendship bracelet designed especially for this CAL by Dedri.

Kits will be on sale now preorder and 22nd August 2018.


The Cal will begin on wednesday the 12th of September and will run for 12 weeks, ending the beginning of December.


Each pattern piece will be made available as a downloadable pdf on Wednesdays 13:00 Dutch time / 12:00 UK time. You can acces these from the official Scheepjes Facebook Groups or via Scheepjes website.


There will be video tutorials by our good friendEsther from Itś all in a Nutshell. Support will be given during the CAL in our Facebook group here:


More Info

Dedri has posted a blog post here telling you everything you need to know about Ubuntu:


Hop on over to Dedri`s blog to see what she has to say about the CAL