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Sirka® counter -laskuri ja Sirka® Bento Box -suojus

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Tuote Hinta
Sirka® Counter - Bird (keltainen laskuri)28.90 €
Sirka® Counter - Dolphin (turkoosi laskuri)28.90 €
Sirka® Bento Box -suojus (Dolphin - turkoosi)14.90 €
Sirka® Bento Box -suojus (Rainbow - punainen)14.90 €
Sirka® Bento Box -suojus (Rainbow - liila)14.90 €
Sirka® Counter - Rainbow (2 kpl paketti sis. 2 eriväristä laskuria)57.80 €

It's the Sirka® Counter

which tends to your knitting by tracking three separate counts, AT THE SAME TIME. You don't even have to remember when to stop counting; the Sirka® counter does it for you. Here's how: The discs underneath the "face" of the counter rotate, allowing you to align the disc handles, or "crowns," with numbers on the face. Balls and springs hold the crowns in place until you decide to advance your counts. The "hands," which fit into slots on the face, remind you where each count ends. Revolutionary!

Do you wear your counter on a necklace or pin it to your shirt? Now, by popular demand, there's a Sirka® counter made for you: It's the Sirka® Counter LP, which is designed to be worn on the body (like a lapel watch), making the numbers readable from above. 

Finally, the matching Sirka® Bento Boxsold separately, is designed to protect your Sirka® counter or Sirka® counter LP in style. Shaped like a Japanese lunchbox, the Sirka® bento box consists of a base, a lid, a felt shape, and an elastic band. Simply place your counter (dial side up!) inside the base, center the felt shape over the dial, place the lid on top, and secure the lid to the base with the elastic band. Ridges on either side of the lid keep the elastic band in place.